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Sampler Probe
Cutting Quartz Tube Wall Thickness:≤士0.08 Tube Diameter:≤士0.1 Length≤+0.5 Product introduction and application: 1.Materials: Quartz glass tube (SIO2≥99.99%) 2.For cutting quartz tube, our company develop advanced equipment to cut, clean, packet, etc As the first-class technology, we use import diamond cutting disc and ultrasonic cleaning equipment to ensure that every specification of the consistency of a product from the aspect smooth, flat, the appearance of cleanliness have access to customer recognition and praise. 3.Products are widely used in electric light sources, semiconductor, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields. Characteristic 1.good thermal conductivity, fast heating: heating rate is 2-4 times the ordinary metal heating tube. High temperature: 1100 C in the use of long time and short time, the highest using temperature can reach 1450 DEG c, 2.stable electrical performance, no instantaneous current shock, no damage to the electrical circuit. The electric thermal conversion efficiency is high, very suitable for the application of electronic industry. 3.corrosion resistance: except hydrofluoric acid, quartz tube almost does not react with other acids, its acid resistance is 30 times 150 times of ceramic, stainless steel, especially the chemical stability at high temperatures, any other engineering materials are incomparable. 4.good light transmission performance: quartz tube in the ultraviolet to the infrared spectral band has good light transmittance, visible light transmittance is more than 93%, especially in the ultraviolet spectral region, the maximum transmittance is higher than 80. 5.clean, no pollution, low noise, no electromagnetic radiation. 6.good electrical insulation properties: quartz tube resistance value equivalent to ten thousand times of the ordinary glass, is an excellent electrical insulating materials, has good electrical properties even at high temperatures. The physicochemical properties of quartz glass has the excellent. Other pictures of quartz tubes Sampler Probe website:

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