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Gloss Finish Foil manufacturers
1) Glossy wood design shows a bright surface for wood designs.
2) During the production of wood design gloss finish foil, every manufacturing step will be taken according to technical standard to achieve the customers' expectation of quality.
3) Application: wood design gloss finish foils are used as the surface material for interior furniture, such as book case, book shelf, kitchen cabinet, base cabinet, etc.
4) Base paper: 30-80gsm, are supplied from the leading base paper producers of Japan and Europe. 
5) Ink: heavy metal-free.
6) Various colors are available.
7) Samples are available.
Standard width: 1270mm, 1575mm, 1860mm, 2100mm, etc.
9) Packing: standard seaworthy export packing, rolls packed well with protective films.
10) Both FCL and LCL are acceptable.
11) Quick delivery time and professional after-sales service.
 Gloss Finish Foil manufacturers

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