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Roll Felt Pads manufacturers
Hyderon Hardware Company has been serving furniture, electronics and machinery industries around the world. From the imitation to the independent research and development, Hyderon has found our own way on the innovation and we have gained several patents of the products.
We develop and build several automatic production lines by ourselves. We use the robot welding machine and the auto injection arm to improve the automatic production ability. These innovations helped us lower costs, assure products quality and give a competitive edge to our clients
Floor protection Articles and Furniture Hardware and plastic accessories
floor protection series products and other furniture accessories
Our main market is North America and Europe. And we are one of the main suppliers for the school furntiure hardware in North America. We are suppling to some of the biggest supermarkets in the world. We have a lot of experience to cooperate with the worldwide supermarket. 
Our service: We have the professional overseas sales-team and we can provide excellent service. Roll Felt Pads manufacturers

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