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Customized Skin Care Beauty Cream Pump
◆Our History
Ningbo Yolanda spray co., ltd., founded in 2014, before the company is yuyao zhengtong molding factory, was founded in 2004, started with the mould processing development and from the mold factory to mold and injection molding processing to finished product production, after 15 years of development, now our company already has a whole professional design development and production management team, professional production of various kinds of daily clean packaging, cosmetics packaging materials, etc., such as hand button spray gun, emulsion pump, perfume card buckle, vacuum bottle, cream bottle, etc.; OEM/ODM/OBM professional manufacturers.
◆Our Factory
The company covers an area of 12,000 square meters, 110 employees, design and development team: 15 people, quality management :10 people, sales staff :10 people.
we are a factory which integrative from the raw material. the completion of mold and products, We have own advanced molding equipment and experienced technical team, And now we already have many sets if injection machines. automatic producing machines and testing device, We also have mold workshop , we treat the quality as our life ,good service as mission, with our professional service to provide the best quality products and service  to all over the world.
we always take the high quality as our mission , in order to follow up the modern market changeable characteristics, based on high and new technical settings to make our enterprise into a international standard sprayer company.
Facing intense competition , though it`s full of challenged and frustrations, We`ll devote ourselves to achieve further satisfaction of esteemed customers, thanks for your attention and cooperation.
◆Our Product
The company has a professional design and development and manufacturing team, specializing in the production of various daily cleaning packaging materials, cosmetic packaging materials, such as hand button gun, emulsion pump, perfume card buckle, vacuum bottle, cream bottle, etc.OEM/ODM/OBM professional manufacturers.
◆Product Application
Daily cleaning, food, medicine and chemical industry, cosmetics and skin care packaging.
◆Production Equipment
1. Injection machine: 45 units
2. Automatic assembly line: 6 lines
3. Product testing equipment: 6units
◆ Mold processing equipment:
CNC: 4 sets;
Drilling machine: 4 sets;
Drilling machine: 1 set;
Grinding machine: 5 sets;
Electrical discharge machine: 3 sets;
Wire cutting machine: 4 sets;
Meter lathe: 1 set
◆Production Market
Regional market:All over the world
In 2014, the enterprise just started, with domestic sales accounting for 60%, Europe and America 20% and southeast Asia 20%.
In 2015, the company has been developing steadily and the product quality has been improving, with domestic sales accounting for 40% and European and American markets accounting for 30% and southeast Asian markets accounting for 30%.
In 2016, the company has been developing steadily and invested in new production equipment and new production lines. To improve production efficiency, domestic sales accounted for 30%, the European and American markets accounted for 35%, the southeast Asian market accounted for 35%.
In 2017, with the steady development of the company, the company has improved machinery and equipment, the most efficient productivity, and increased the sales team. The domestic sales account for 25%,  the European and American markets account for 37.5%, and the southeast Asian markets account for 37.5%
In 2018, after several years of accumulation, the company has improved its management system, efficient production team and elite sales team, reduced domestic sales and increased export sales. Domestic sales accounted for 20%, the European and American markets account for 45 %, and the southeast Asian markets account for 35%
◆Our service
1:Introduction of product knowledge
2:Help customers find suitable products(Good quality and competitive price)
3:Free samples
4:Test product function
5roduct drawing design
6roduct mold development
7:Send samples according to customer's requirement
1: Arrange production control product quality timely report daily production progress and process to customers timely inform customers to arrange shipment of goods with reasonable packaging to reduce the volume of goods and save freight
After sale
2:After the goods are shipped, inform the customer of the date of departure and the date of port arrival, and provide the customs clearance materials required by the customer as soon as possible. After the customer clears the customs, ask whether there is any damage in the process of goods transportation, use in the later stage, and whether there is any quality problem.Customized Skin Care Beauty Cream Pump

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