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wholesale lipo POS battery
7.2 V Panasonic cell lithium ion Cylindrical polymer battery for portable mini  printer 2900mah 
1.Product Configurations  
     No.ItemComponents DescriptionsRemark
1Li-ion  CellNCR18650P  2900mAh  3.6V (2PCS)Panasonic
2.Pack Drawing 
3.Product Specifications
1CapacityTypical 2900mAhDischarge at 0.2C5A  to 
5.00V after standard charge.
Minimum 2750mAh
2Nominal Voltage7.2VOperation voltage during 
standard discharge.
3Cut-off Voltage5.0VCut-off Voltage
4Charging Voltage8.40±0.03V
5Internal Impedance≤200mΩAC 1KHz after standard charge
6Standard ChargeCC / CV: 8.40V / 0.2C5A charging till to the current decline to 0.01C5A, at 23℃.Charge time: Approx 6.0h.
7Standard DischargeDischarge continuously with 0.2C5A to 5.00V.
8Fast ChargeCC / CV: 8.40V / 0.5C5A charging till to the current decline to 0.01C5A, at 23℃.Charge time: Approx 3.0h.
9Fast DischargeDischarge continuously with 0.5C5A to 5.00V.
10Max. Charge Current0.5C5A
11Max. Continuous 
Discharge Current0.5C5A
12Operation Temperature10~+45℃Charge
13Storage TemperatureLess than 1 year: -20~+25℃Recommend to charge and discharge at least 1 time to maintain battery.
Less than 6 months: -20~+30℃
Less than 3 months: -20~+40℃
14Storage Humidity65±20% RH
15WeightApprox: TBD
16Product DimensionsLength: 66.2±0.3mmInitial battery dimensions
Width: 36.6±0.3mm
Thickness: 19.5±0.5mm
17Open Voltage7.6-7.9V
4.Standard Charge and Discharge  
4.1 Standard Charge  
Lithium ion battery charging method: Constant Current / Constant Voltage (CC/CV) 
Standard charge current: 0.2C5A =580mA 
Charge voltage: 8.40V 
5.Circuit diagram 
6.Cycle Life and Leakage Test 
No.ItemCriteriaTest Conditions
1Cycle Life3001. Standard charge  
2. Rest 30minutes  
3. 1C discharge  
4. Rest 30minutes 
5. Recycles step 1~ step 4 till to 300 cycles at 20±5℃
2LeakageNo leakagefully charge, store at 60±3℃, 60±10%RH for 1week.
12 months limited warranty against workmanship and material defect. 
9.Safety issues:
We have insurance guarantee. China CPIC if the products is produced by KAYO,and it brings any problem when your used such as property damage and people injured.   
if the third parts give the report, the PICC will give your compensation each can as high as USD500,000.wholesale lipo POS battery

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